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We work with polyester resin reinforced with glass fiber to manufacture parts for locomotion industry and custom made toilet cabins. This material offers an extraordinaire resistance to traction and impacts, developing a great endurance to deformation, as well as other physical properties such as mechanic resistance, electric qualities and dimensional stability.

Our R&D&I department also develops periodic studies analyzing the properties of the materials of our pieces. Depending on the final use and location of the piece, we work to guarantee appropriate responses to extreme climatic conditions or superior performances against fire and smoke, frequently demanded by train and locomotion industries.

  • Mechanical resistance.
  • Electric characteristics.
  • Fire and smoke certification.
  • Expansion low coefficient.
  • Compatibility with organic matter.
  • Rotting-free.
  • Weak thermal conductivity.
  • Resistance to chemical agents.
Frequently Asked Questions
SANIBUS® toilet cabins have been designed for their complete integration in coaches, providing high levels of comfortability, hygiene and space adaptability. Their components are easy identifiable and allow both users and maintenance workers to get all the information needed. This section has been written for a easy way to know specific information about how to resolve doubts with regard to our WC cabins.

Make sure the cabin is correctly power supplied. Test all the fuses in the electric panel. If the problem persists, contact your after sales service.

Make sure the tank is not empty. If so, fill it.

If the tank is not empty, make sure the line pump works correctly once you put your hands under the faucet.
- If the line pump works but no water is being pumped, make sure the tank has not leaks.
- If the line pump does not work, contact your after sales service.

There is a problem with the electronic panel and it has to be changed. Once it is changed, contact with your after sales service if the problem persists.

Check the water level. Fill the tank in case there is not enough water. If the problem persists, contact your after sales service.

Top Notch Working
Warranty Certificate
2-year limited warranty covering every manufacturing defect.
We adapt any piece to the required characteristics of the cabin.
Ready to Use
WC cabins totally finished and tested, ready to be set in your coach.
ISO Certificates
ISO 9001:2015 certification guarantees our work processes.